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About Hawaiian Lomi Lomi

Hawaiian Lomilomi, often times called Hawaiian massage, is a beneficial form of treatment applied for many ailments and in order to increase spiritual energy and personal power. The nurturing strokes are relaxing and work as therapeutic on many levels.


The Lom Lomi strokes are done with hands and forearms and are often long and sweeping, similar to long, rolling waves traveling along the body. It includes range-of-motion work, deep-tissue techniques and full presence of a caring touch to balance the nervous system, to encourage it to slow down.



LOMI LOMI NUI              60 min- 60 euro
90 min- 90 euro
HAWAIIAN RITUAL       180 min- 180 euro

LOMI HAPAI for pregnancy  60 min- 60 euro
90 min- 90 euro

LOMI POHAKU hot stones  60 min- 75 euro
90 min- 10 5euro


Anna Fiasche

Born in Milano (Italy)
For many years I worked as an interior designer.
One day walking through the beautiful Australian nature in 2008 I decide that I want to have more contact with people instead than with computers. Of course, Creativity is always accompanying me through life.
Yoga, meditation, and passion for natural healing lead me to take my first lessons in Foot Reflexology massage (2014 Berlin) and I open myself to the holistic world.
Then I was diving deep into the Hawaiian culture with the Lomi Lomi Nui Kahuna bodywork level 1,2,3(2015 Berlin) advanced (2015 München), for pregnancy Lomi Hapai (2015 München), with hot stones Lomi Pohuka (2016 Berlin).
Guided by my thirst for knowledge for more Massage Techniques I end up in Alma Matters have I learned the Deep Tissue Massage and the original Thai massage from the north (2018 Milan).
Thanks to my great teachers and the experience gained I am now able to share these powerful healing methods to put our mind and body in balance.


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